Fabric Covered Light Switch

This is one of those fantastic craft projects that offers maximum smug factor, minimum effort (as in less than 30 minutes effort). So unnecessary, but so pretty.

The only thing that you need to be careful about with this project is choosing your fabric: you don’t want material that’s too thick, otherwise you’ll end up with bulging corners. Gasp! Our light switches are fairly new, and there’s diddly squat wrong with them. They are functional, in great nick and not offending anyone.


In Molly’s room though, there’s one right by her bed, and it was the only modern surface in amongst all the beautiful fabrics, so I decided to soften it by extending the fabric to the switch. I used a spare scrap of the material I used to make her euro cushion, which actually started out life as a tablecloth on Trade Me. So from table, to bed, to wall. Big journey. Here’s what I did*:

TAKE COVER OFF LIGHT SWITCH: Use the very tip of a bread knife to ease under the corner of the outside cover plate, it’s actually really easy to lift off. You’re not going anywhere near the wires and you’re not touching the safety cover plate*. If you have a dimmer switch you just gently pull on that first, and it comes off, then pull off the outside cover plate.


APPLY FABRIC: Place cover plate on a surface you don’t mind getting glue on, then use adhesive spray to cover the plate with a thin coating of glue. Lie fabric on top of glue and spread out any air bubbles.


CUT HOLES & FOLD BACK: Once it’s dried, material should be stiff enough to cut a diagonal cross in the square where the light switch needs to come through. If it’s not easy to cut cleanly, apply another coat of mod podge, dry and then cut. Fold edges over to the back of the plate. Glue or tape in place.


DRY AND ADMIRE: Let it all completely dry, then pop back on wall, and put dimmer switch back on too.


*Ours are new switches, with vanity cover plates that just pull right off. I wouldn’t attempt this if there was any need to unscrew cover plates unless you really know what you are doing. Pretty fabrics ‘aint worth the risk of electrocution. If you have older wiring, ask someone who knows their stuff first. Legal disclaimer over and out.


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