Painted Striped Walls – Master Bedroom & Ensuite

This is definitely a high impact DIY! Mr House of Ralph was convinced I’d be bored of it within a matter of months, but I still love it 4 years down the track. It’s bright and happy and I love the view walking down our hallway towards the bedroom – you see the glamorous lamps, the mirror and that wall anchoring it all. I was a bit peeved when grey and yellow suddenly was everywhere and was suddenly “trendy”, but actually it’s a good reason to decorate for what you love, not for what’s in trend. Trends will come and go, but I’ll forever love stripes (my wardrobe attests to that) and yellow is just my colour.

20150317_080619 (2)

What I didn’t love at all was the process of creating this wall.  It involved a lot of maths (my least favourite subject) and also because it was accompanied by a heap of husband complaining. To be fair, he is  6ft7, so he didn’t exactly love bending down to mark up the tape at lower-levels.

If you too would like to test your marriage with a frustrating DIY, here’s how (no photos sorry, this was before I turned DIY nerd)

Basically you measure from the ceiling down to the floor and mark the width of your stripes (2 person job). Repeat at various points across the walls. Play an epic game of “Join-the-dots” with professional painter’s tape (it’s not so much a fun game as torture).

Make sure your tape lines are even (using a level). Paint in between the taped lines. Hot tip: write which stripes are which colour before painting them (trust me, you’ll go cross-eyed) and don’t cheap-out on the tape: paint bleeds will run your day.

Another hot tip? Don’t leave any felt-tip pens at toddler height. They will write on the walls directly after you have completed said divorce-inducing DIY job. If you do? I highly recommend a DIY upholstered headboard to cover it up.

I used exactly the same grey paint colour from the remaining 3 walls in our bedroom and repeated the stripes (same width) in our adjoining ensuite. Definite statement in such a small room, but it totally works.


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